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Environment and Waste Management Modules

With DataPipe environmental compliance modules, you can customize and expand your system when regulations mandate or budgets allow. Some modules are specific to traditional environmental issues, while others may be shared between several departments or disciplines. The DataPipe module list covers an unparalleled range of environmental topics and the environmental modules integrate seamlessly with the available industrial hygiene, safety and occupational health modules.  Here are some of our environment and waste management modules and a brief description.

Agent Parameters

A "mini-MSDS" used by several other modules. Once in a system, it is shared by all other referencing modules; it is not licensed again for each. Required by MSDS and several Industrial Hygiene and Environment Modules such as MSDS, MSDS Generation, Hazardous Chemical Inventory, Spills & Releases

Agent Release

Identifies location, date, time, etc. of spill or releases plus agents, amounts and other information. May be used with General Incidents to link multiple sub-incidents together. Requires the General Incidents Module and Agent Parameters Module.

Air Pollution

Covered by the Emission Source Test module. See below.

Chemical Inventory

Agent type, location, quantities, dates, storage methods. Typically used for IH evaluation and SARA Tier 1 and 2 reports. Requires Agent Parameters module.

Container Mass Balance

Movement of agents from container to container and movements of containers from location to location. "Cradle-to-grave" detailed mass balance tracking, from purchase order to shipping/disposal. Also used for waste minimization analysis.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Details on an emergency response; teams and members, dates and times, evacuations, injuries, spills and releases, follow-up. Displays summary data from other forms if available. Requires General Incidents module.

Emission Source Test

Emission limits and test results from multiple air and water sources. May be used with Agent Parameters (Agent Parameters is required for chemical limits) and/or with Permit History but does not require either of these Modules.


Record detailed information about equipment like location, costs, related activities (inspections, repairs, incidents, etc.) history, documents, and notes. Equipment can be any piece of hardware such as machinery, production lines, control devices, instruments, etc.).  The presence of this module allows referencing equipment from other modules like Incidents, General.

Form R

Includes a comprehensive program (programmed report) to generate the U.S. E.P.A. Form R report (site and chemical agent use, treatment and disposal information) and these basic record-keeping forms: Waste Generator Facility, Hazardous Chemical Registry, Waste/Hazardous Chemical Accumulation. Other modules which are used by the Form R report are NPDES, Waste Disposal, Waste Minimization, Waste Receiving, Waste Storage, Waste Shipping, and Waste Treatment/Recovery. Requires List of Lists and Waste Characterization modules.

Hazardous Material Abatement

Information on the location and quantity of hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, lead paint, etc.) and then information (quantity, permit, personnel, manifest no., dates, etc.) on abatement projects to remove the materials. Replaces “Asbestos Module” by expanding to all “hazmats” in general.

Incidents, General (events)

A general purpose module for logging "events"; what, where and when, cost, employees, other personnel, etc. Includes near misses. May also tie together multiple "sub-incidents." Some sub-incidents require this module; see each for details.

Lab Packs

Allows for tracking of multiple wastes in a single container (lab pack). May be used with Waste Disposal, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping and/or Waste Treatment/Recovery. Requires Waste Storage.

List of Lists

A basic list of chemical CAS numbers and associated regulatory limits or categorization. USER CONFIGURABLE! Used by many forms for Form R calculations.

MSDS (ANSI Z400.1)

All 16 sections of ANSI standard MSDS, including ingredients and IH limits. Includes fields for storing images of mfg.'s original sheets, which may be viewed and printed. Requires Agent Parameters, which it automatically updates.

MSDS Generation

Build and maintain MSDSs based on user-defined sub-sections, phrases and text, with the text in multiple languages. Output may be to a word processor for final formatting or a HTML file for Inter/Intranet-based distribution. Requires Agent Parameters.


Monthly results from sampling, permit requirements for each source, comparison of measured amounts to permit requirements. May be used with List of Lists.

Order Request

Request/order a chemical or product initiating an EH&S review process. May be used in combination with MSDS or Chemical Inventory. Requires the List of Lists Module.

Ozone Depleting Substances / CFCs

Track equipment using CFCs and the amount, plus maintenance history, inc. person and amount of CFC removed and/or added.

PCB Inventory & Containers

Location of equipment containing PCBs. Transportation, storage and disposal information, by container ID, of materials.

Periodic Activities

Record and/or schedule periodic events. Prepare "to-do" lists by subject or person. Automatically update schedule. Events are anything scheduled; inspections, meetings, training classes, sampling, etc.

Permit History

Log all permits associated with each facility; air, water, waste, etc. Dates, agency, cognizant persons, etc. Image fields may store actual permit pages in system for viewing and printing.

Process Models

Define, for any source, the amount of agent(s) and/or waste produced, based on operating characteristics of the source, then calculate discharges over time. Inc. calculations at points before and after pollution control devices. AP-42 type calcs. Requires the Agent Parameters Module.

Process Systems

Define steps, efficiencies, etc in waste treatment for use in tracking waste disposal.

Project Management

Track project tasks, dates, responsibilities, costs. Includes times for PERT/CPM analysis and other metrics. Links to Incidents (general) if included. Use with recommendations module, site remediation tables and other major modules.

Questionnaires (Surveys / Audits )

Build multiple surveys, audits or questionnaires from lists of questions. Answers may be logical, text and numeric. Build physical exam, medical history, safety and IH survey and other questionnaires with one module. Also maintains answers to questionnaires. May be linked to General Incidents.

Radiation Sources

Source ID, initial activity, type, location history, cognizant persons. Automatically calculates current activity from half-life.

Recommendations (Corrective Actions)

Identify weakness and address change. Often used with Questionnaires Module to react to responses from surveys, audits, and/or questionnaires. Tracks description, status, costs, work order, responsible persons, location, due dates of recommendations. May be linked to General Incidents and/or Injury & Illness to track a series of cause and effects under one umbrella.

Responsible Care

Based on Chemical Manufacturers Association system for tracking meeting of objectives for Codes of Management Practice. Maintains history, by facility, code and practice.

Spill Calculator

From volume spilled, calculates reportable quantities for the agent and automatically compares to standards. Database of volume-weight conversion for container types.

Storage Tanks

Storage tank (above and underground) location, contents and construction. Tank inspection / Tank Test History (Details of individual tank inspections and tests). Required by Tank Activity

Tank Activity

Use this module to define, track and schedule activities associated with storage tanks including inspections, tests, events or any other type of activity the user wishes to define. Requires Storage Tanks module.

Tickler / To-do

Special report that links together all inspections, permits, etc. by "cognizant person." Depends on modules included and scope of analysis.

Training, Courses & Requirements

Databases of course types, presentations, student rosters and grades. Training requirements by facility, area, building, department and job to determine eligibility.


Log TSCA incidents and allegations. May be used with General Incidents to link multiple sub-incidents together, but does not require the General Incidents Module.

Waste Characterization

Properties/components of a hazardous waste, similar to an MSDS, but specific for waste. Required for most other waste-related modules. Requires List of Lists.

Waste Disposal

On-site disposal tracking and associated information for report generation. May be used with Waste Process Systems, Waste Storage, Waste Receiving. Requires Waste Characterization Module.

Waste Minimization

Records waste minimization activities (recycling/reduced production) and identification methods. May be used with Waste Process Systems. Requires Waste Characterization Module.

Waste Receiving

For sites which receive waste from off site. May be used as input to Waste Storage or to track waste directly to Waste Disposal or Waste Treatment/Recovery. Requires Waste Characterization Module.

Waste Shipping

Preparing of manifests and then receipt of information back from TSDF re amounts, handling codes and other information needed for completion of GM, IC and other standard reports. Will use Waste Storage information if available. Requires Waste Characterization Module.

Waste Storage

For sites which store waste rather than immediately disposing, treating or shipping waste off site. Tracks container location, date, contents. Allows for combining multiple containers into a single container. May be used with Waste Disposal, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping, Waste Treatment/Recovery. Requires Waste Characterization Module.

Waste Treatment / Recovery

On-site waste treatment/recovery tracking and associated information for report generation. Requires Waste Characterization Module and Process Systems Module.

Water Quality

A more generalized module than NPDES, this module tracks allowable concentrations of contaminants (min., max. & avg.) as well as actual amount from analysis of samples. Users may define "panels" of standard tests to speed data entry.


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