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Environment, Health and Safety Software

What is Environment, Health and Safety Software?

The term environment, health and safety software really refers to a database driven enterprise software application that covers data from the various broad fields of environment and waste management, occupational health and medical, safety and industrial hygiene.

Every organization has both unique and diverse environment, health and safety data management responsibilities.  Whether it’s managing a small clinic, or staying OSHA compliant at a global industrial manufacturing site, environment, health and safety data management is an essential part of the global marketplace.  For several decades, companies have been managing their environment, health and safety data requirements with DataPipe USA’ DataPipe.

Since 1979 DataPipe USA Inc. has been providing this easy-to-use, modular software solution for collecting and managing environment, health and safety information – longer than anyone in the industry.  In the late 1980s DataPipe was the very first environment, health and safety application to utilize Microsoft Windows when it first came onto the market.  Since then we have continued to improve our technology and expanded our environment, health and safety coverage based on customer input and changes in the marketplace.  Today, DataPipe covers more areas of environment, health and safety than any other software application in the industry – hands down.  This allows organizations to utilize one centralized, integrated repository for as much of their environment, health and safety data management as they choose.  This ultimately leads to powerful data mining, trending, analysis and ultimately maximized return-on-investment.


The DataPipe philosophy is built around integration. Because DataPipe is a modular software solution, an organization has the ability to add on components as they are needed to expand their business requirements.  Built in security lets you do this in a way where data can be either shared or segregated in anyway you choose.  In doing so, you can move from a series of home grown systems (such as notebooks, individual MS Excel and Access worksheets or those hard-to-manage in-house systems built by IT that you were told would work just fine) to a fully integrated and powerful, centralized and secure data repository.

Integration has tremendous benefit. DataPipe’s adaptive interface helps you to maximize these advantages.  And whether you have one module for your health clinic or a small risk management system or an entire environment, health and safety comprehensive integrated suite, your DataPipe system will share and integrate your data in a way you could never manage before allowing for trending, risk analyses and ultimately a verifiable ROI.  Learn more about the benefits of integrating your environment, health and safety data into one centralized system by reviewing the DataPipe approach.

This software is also called by some, "Environment, Safety and Health Software".


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