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The DataPipe Approach

The DataPipe philosophy is built around integration. Because DataPipe is a modular software solution, an organization has the ability to add on components as they need to expand their business requirements.  In doing so, you can move from a series of home grown systems which include stacks of paper and notebooks, excel and access micro applications and finally those in-house systems built by IT that you were told would work great.

Integration has tremendous benefit.  DataPipe exploits them all.  And whether you have one module or fifty, your DataPipe system will share and integrate your data in a way you could never manage before allowing for trending, risk analyses and ultimately a verifiable ROI.  Learn More

The Big Picture

There are generally a few questions you need to ask to determine what type of software package is best suited to your organization.  First, what kind of data do you want to manage?  If you just want to do MSDS lookups, then DataPipe may be for you.  But if you want to track MSDS and chemical inventory while dealing with cradle to crave waste management, or if you want to run a risk management program while tracking all your audits and corrective actions, while at the same time managing injuries near misses and any subsequent clinic visits or workers comp cases then DataPipe is exactly what you need.   DataPipe can do as much or as little of EH&S management as you want.  Because it is modular you have this luxury.

DataPipe EHS is an integrated modular EH&S system designed to collect and manage all your EH&S data. Most organizations track this data over many disciplines and each group has its own way of collecting and managing it. In a perfect world, all your data can be combined into one centralized and integrated system. Click here.

Defining Your System

DataPipe is a modular based data management system with complete coverage of Environment, Health and Safety.  Whether your organization's goal is to integrate every discipline into one centralized data repository thus maximize your analysis and trending abilities, or if your organization would rather start out small and build your way up to a all encompassing system, DataPipe has modules that will fit your needs. These are the steps to take to define your system.

The DataPipe License Fee

The DataPipe license fee is derived from two variables:  The number of modules you select and the number of concurrent users you allow access to the system.  More info on calculating your License Fee.

Your Next Few Steps

Now that you have reviewed some of the basics on the website its time to dig your heals deeper into the product.  Here are the next few steps that you should take.

Implementation (what's involved)

Whether you have DataPipe installed onsite (within your organizations intranet) or at an application service provider (ASP), implementation of some extent will be required.  For the most part this simply involves setting up users and permission for the new system. This article will overview some of the different tasks you will want to carry out during implementation.  Learn More about implementation.


Once your system is installed, either on your own site within your own network, or at an ASP running remotely, training is the next step.  Training is broken down into two areas.  End-User Training and Administrator Training.

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The Big Picture

Define your System

License Fee

Next Few Steps




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