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Hand/Arm Activity (Ergonomics)

ACGIH method for ergonomically assessing hand and arm activity. Considers frequency and level of effort by employees in hand/arm activities. Can document existing conditions or assess a proposed task. Compares a task’s frequency and level of effort to the Action Limit and TLV for the activity.

Detailed Overview:  Prolonged exposure to vibration on the job is the leading cause of Hand/Arm injuries in the work place.  Currently Hand/Arm injuries due to vibrations are ranked as the 3rd largest source of workers compensation payouts in the UK and a growing concern in the US, EU and Pacific Rim.  Methods to monitor and mitigate this type of injury should be one of the major concerns for industrial hygienists of today not only for workers health concerns but also because governmental regulatory agencies have renewed their efforts to monitor these threats in the workplace. DataPipe's Hand/Arm Activity module will help manage your employee data on these types of issues in the work place.

Module collects and manages data for an employee on ...

  • Period

  • Duty Cycle %

  • HAL

  • Normalized Peak Force

  • Action Level

  • TLV

  • Person Involved

  • Task Performed

  • Location

  • and much much more

If you would like additional information about this module, please contact DataPipe USA directly. An online demonstration can be set up so that you can see this module live on the screen while we discuss how you can utilize it within your organization.

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